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This holiday season, give the gift of their Dreams with a Dream Interpretation session.

A Dream Interpretation session is a playful exploration into the messages of a dream and the subconscious mind. It is a deeply personal experience that helps the Dreamer connect to their intuition and inner wisdom, giving them a deeper understanding of self and inspiring a wider spectrum of possibilities for their life. 

Dreams come in the service of growth. These strange, bizarre, confusing, exhilarating experiences are NOT random firings of your brain. Your dreams have profound messages for you, in service of your life’s path. Often, we’re unable to realize these messages for ourselves because of our biases and inexperience.

Guided by Cordell Jacks, who has over 20 years of experience studying, practicing, and teaching Dream Work, he believes that only the Dreamer can interpret their dreams. His role is to take the Dreamer through a guided process that gets beyond one’s usual perspectives to uncover deeper meaning.

"My Dream Interpretation session with Cordell has profoundly changed my life. He is deeply engaging and asks very insightful questions, which lead you to your own powerful discoveries. His technique allows you to talk through your experiences with boundless depth and openness."


This gift IS for those in your life who are:

  • Interested in self development, personal growth work, and/or mindful awareness

  • Curious about exploring their subconscious and the nature of their mind

  • Looking to connect to their intuition and inner wisdom

  • Curious and open minded and might not think to do this for themselves


This gift is not for those who are:

  • Looking for licensed counseling or a trauma specialist 

  • Unwilling to discuss their emotions, be vulnerable, and talk about their life experiences

  • Not open to the idea that dreams can be a meaningful source of wisdom and insight.

"It always seemed like my dreams held certain mysteries and symbolism. Like a treasure chest of information I couldn’t quite access. One Dream Interpretation session opened up a world of possibility. Cordell navigates weighty content with empathy and allows you to be vulnerable and supported through your findings. I walked away with several aha moments. I encourage you to take a step into this work, you will be pleasantly surprised at what you find."


What is included with a Dream Interpretation session: 

  • Live 75-min session over Zoom

  • Audio recording of the session sent via email

  • A e-card that you can send to the recipient, including instructions on how to schedule and prepare for their Dream Interpretation session

  • Gifted session can be used anytime until December 31, 2021

"My Dream Interpretation session with Cordell was deeply insightful. My dream, which at first glance was void of detail and meaning, was actually my highest self speaking to me through a special medium. Cordell gently and expertly helped me to see what my highest self wished for me to see; that is a beautiful and powerful gift to share with the world"




Holiday Promotion : 25% discount

$112.50 CAD ($87 USD)

[Regular price $150 CAD ($113 USD)]

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